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Porcelain Crowns Madison WI

Rendering of jaw with dental crown illustrated by Madison Family Dental Associates in Madison, WIA regular dental crown is a tooth-shaped cap placed over a tooth after its recontouring and encases the visible part of the tooth lying above the gum. It is used to restore the function of the denticle along with its size, shape, and strength. It also acts as a support and protects the tooth. A dental crown is made up of different materials like porcelain, resin, metal, and others. Our professional here at Madison Family Dental Associates are happy to guide you through the procedure of placement and discuss why crowns may be something you need.

Why You May Need a Dental Crown?

A dental crown procedure is required in cases such as decay, tooth fracture, restoring a worn-out tooth, holding a dental bridge, for covering a dental implant, making a cosmetic modification, holding large amounts of filling. All these cases require a dental crown procedure necessarily.

What is Dental Crown Made Of?

A dental crown is usually made of stainless steel, metals like gold and silver, porcelain, all resin, and all-ceramic porcelain fused to metal. The material of the crown is selected based on the patient’s choice and the dentist’s recommendation.


Before the procedure, an x-ray is taken to examine the overall condition and check for any potential issue, which is a hinderence. If a problem such as an infection is found, it is recommended to perform a root canal procedure before placing a dental crown to avoid any pulp damage. In cases of a decay, the tooth is filled before crown placement. After the tooth and gum condition is considered satisfactory, the required area is anesthetized, the tooth is parred and recontoured. An impression of the tooth is taken beforehand using a pasty material and is sent to a dental lab for building the permanent dental crown. When the tooth has been shaped, a temporary crown is placed over it. After the condition of the tooth is confirmed as acceptable, a permanent crown will replace the temporary crown.

How To Care For a Crown?

Oral care routine is vital in caring for a dental crown, whether temporary or permanent. When caring for a temporary crown, a few things are essential to keep in mind. An individual should avoid hard and chewy foods, refrain from using the side of the mouth where the crown has been placed, and make sure not to bite on hard stuff like pens and pencils. For a permanent crown and biting on hard things should be avoided along with strictly following proper oral hygiene. A dental crown is said to last for about almost fifteen years, but the life span can shorten in accidental cases.

Signs Indicating a Re-visit

Right after the procedure, you may face slight discomfort and sensitivity, but as you adjust to the crown, these symptoms go away. The patient should see a dentist if they experience symptoms like loosening and falling off, chipping, and an allergic reaction.

Dental crown procedures have benefitted many affected and continue to do so. For more information on dental crowns feel free to contact Madison Family Dental Associates at 608-274-5970.
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