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Well Baby/Lap Exam Madison WI

Two year old boy sitting on his dad's lap for dental exam at Madison Family Dental Associates in Madison, WIAt Madison Family Dental Associates, we strongly believe that one of the most important times to visit the dentist is while your child is still young. That is why we encourage what are called lap visits, where your toddler has the opportunity to see one of our pediatric dentists while still enjoying the comforting presence of their parent or guardian.

What is a Lap Exam?

A lap exam is pretty much exactly what it sounds like, though there are few important details to note. During a lap exam, you will be the one sitting in the dental chair while your child sits in your lap. This allows your child to be reassured by your presence, and also helps make it easier for both us and the little one as you can guide their movements. Toddlers can get restless easily, so by being on your lap it can help keep them calm and happy. Even if they do get fussy you should not be concerned — it is perfectly normal, and something we are well accustomed to accommodating.

Why Do We Encourage Lap Visits?

We encourage lap visits because they are a proven method of helping accustom your child to the dentist while also providing them with vital oral healthcare. Cavities are a potentially serious risk from the very first moment their very first baby tooth makes an appearance. If they are not caught early, they can spread to the gums and adult teeth, and damage your child's smile before it ever even has a chance. Lap visits also give us the opportunity to show you first-hand the best methods for brushing baby teeth, and share other helpful advice on caring for young smiles.

Preparing for a Lap Visit

Lap visits are very easy and simple, usually taking no more than 10 minutes. Still, they will be a new experience for young children, who are not yet accustomed to having their mouths examined and may not enjoy sitting still for very long. To prepare them, go over everything that they can expect to experience. Show them videos, play them songs, and read them stories about visiting the kids' dentist. Even if they still do not have any teeth, you can help them get used to oral examinations by rubbing their gums with moist gauze.

How Long Will Your Toddler Need Lap Visits?

Lap visits are meant only for very young children. Generally, by the time most kids are approximately two to three years of age they will be old enough, confident enough, and coordinated enough that they can start sitting on their own and experience our other pediatric services. We recommend that, just like adults, kids come to have a check-up every six months, so you will only need two or three lap visits until your toddler outgrows them.

Call Today to Schedule Your First Lap Visit

If your child is one year old, or they have had their first baby tooth erupt in the last six months, then they are ready for their first lap visit. To schedule it today with the experienced pediatric dentists here at Madison Family Dental Associates in Madison, call 608-274-5970 today!
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