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A boy wearing a sportsguard while playing football at Madison Family Dental Associates in Madison, WISportsguards, also known as mouthguards, are worn on top of your teeth to shield them from damage due to brute force aimed at your face or mouth when playing sports. Mouthguards are essential sports equipment that is mandatory in sports like boxing and rugby.

Mouthguards not only protect your teeth from getting chipped but also prevent any cuts or bruising to your teeth. The use of mouthguards are not limited to sports. There are various other reasons for which Madison Family Dental Associates recommends you get one.

Types of Mouthguards

Mouthguards are used as a preventive measure to protect your teeth and surrounding inner structures from damage, which is why mouthguards need to be strong and able to withstand a great amount of force. There are three types of sportsguards that you can choose from.

First, a custom-made sportsguard. These types of mouthguards are custom made to your jaw and teeth structure by our dentists. You will have to walk into our clinic, where an initial examination will take place. During this examination, x-rays and other digital imaging will be used to provide a blueprint for your mouth. These mouthguards are the most comfortable as they fit like a glove. Most athletes prefer these mouthguards due to their fitting. However, these are the most expensive amongst the three.

Next, there are stock mouthguards. These mouthguards are not custom made and under no circumstance can be customized. They are often bulky and thick, which disrupts breathing. Hence, they are not sports friendly. Lastly, there are boil and bite mouthguards. Such mouthguards are pre-made but can be easily customized. As the name suggests, you have to boil the mouthguard to make it soft and then bite into it to make it fit your oral cavity.

How to Care for Mouthguards

Mouthguards should be cleaned regularly to prevent the accumulation of saliva and other material into the device's crevices. Ideally, a mouthguard should last one gaming season and should be replaced as soon after. Replacements for kids are more frequent due to their growing teeth and erupting of permanent teeth.

Brushing and flossing your teeth before wearing a mouthguard will make it last a long time. Please do not attempt to clean your mouthguard by boiling it in hot water as it can alter its shape. It would help if you let your mouthguard dry between use and store it in a container with adequate ventilation.

How Can I Wear Mouthguards

Mouthguards can be worn by any person who wishes to protect their teeth from being damaged during gameplay. The most common sports in which mouthguards can protect your cavity are football, basketball, hockey, rugby, baseball, and boxing. Note that individuals with braces can wear mouthguards, it is especially crucial for them as braces can cut lips, inner mouth, and gums if there is a blow to the mouth.

If you regularly play sports, we recommend you get a custom-made mouthguard. To learn more about which mouthguard fits you best, contact us at 608-274-5970 or visit Madison Family Dental Associates.

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