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Periodontal Maintenance Madison WI

Diagram of teeth and gum cleaning by Madison Family Dental Associates in Madison, WIFor a number of reasons, chronic periodontal disease has a long time span, which is why it cannot be curbed. In this instance, periodontal maintenance becomes imperative for regular checkups on the gumline. The maintenance is usually referred to as deep cleaning that highlights two sensitive domains, scaling and root planing.

The core objective of scaling is to remove plaque from teeth, which also consists of any germs locked between the tooth gap, above the gumline (Supragingival cleaning), and below the gumline (Subgingival). This is followed by root planing that targets large gaps and works on shaping the teeth, incorporated by scaling tools. The two areas are thoroughly scrutinized to promote hygiene within the mouth. If this interests you, our team of dental professionals at Madison Family Dental Associates is ready and willing to advise you, as per your need.

Procedure During Periodontal Maintenance

As some severe symptoms of Periodontal diseases include gum pockets, bleeding while brushing teeth, red and swollen gums, such are the indications that the time to visit our office has arrived. Therefore, the gum specialists at our end follow a series of steps that help in eliminating the destructive effects of such a tedious disease.

To begin with, our dentists intensively clean the area above the gumline to carefully erase any dirt, plaque, or calculus, and a similar step is repeated below the gumline. Next, the tooth root is made smooth, and even that flushes out any extra areas, worsening the shape of teeth. Afterward, an antibiotic may be required to ease the process. Moreover, x-rays are conducted for a wide assessment so that the bone and gum are appropriately examined, which may also depict areas that are to be treated with the utmost care.

How Often Do You Need Periodontal Maintenance?

Although the procedure does not require any follow-ups, we suggest that patients suffering severely from intense issues visit for checkups every three months. That is due to the formation of bacteria in the gums that are frequently reproduced. Additionally, long-life therapy involves medication, a balanced diet, and brushing teeth two to three times a day that also minimizes possibilities of infection that arise as the bacteria multiplies in the gumline and the bone.

Benefits of Frequent Visits for Periodontal Maintenance

First and foremost, getting a regular checkup to control and monitor periodontal disease is utterly imperative because it protects and enhances the overall health of your mouth. As this happens, the flow of bacteria is restricted to any other part of the body which assures the satisfaction of a hygienic and healthy mouth. Furthermore, the procedure aids in eradicating tartar, which is impossible to achieve while brushing or even flossing at home. The procedure is integrated in-depth with highly powered technology in order to grant a smooth and painless experience.

Ultimately, by undergoing the maintenance procedure, the loss of tooth, tissues, and bone loss is mitigated, and the pain is healed at a rapid pace. For further assistance in regard to periodontal maintenance and periodontal care, please call Madison Family Dental Associates at 608-274-5970.
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Periodontal maintenance is usually referred to as a deep cleaning that highlights two sensitive domains, scaling and root planing. Call to schedule yours now!
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