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Invisalign® FAQ in Madison, WI

Woman wearing Invisalign clear aligners from Madison Family Dental Associates in Madison, WIInvisalign can help align the teeth properly so that they don’t have any gaps and aren’t crooked.

At Madison Family Dental Associates, we recommend Invisalign for patients desiring to have their teeth aligned.

How Does Invisalign Function?

To move the teeth into position, Invisalign uses a set of transparent, plastic aligners that are individually made to fit over your teeth. The movement of the teeth are planned out by Madison Family Dental Associates, so each pair of aligners makes modifications following our prescription.

Can Invisalign Change the Jawline or Move It?

The jaw can shift and alter with Invisalign. Before beginning any treatment, the dentist may decide to relocate your jaw into place, depending on how much it has to be moved.

To assist the jaw and teeth into the proper position and promote attachments, healthy bite and rubber bands may be worn in addition to your Invisalign treatment.

Can Invisalign Treat Crowding?

Yes, Invisalign can correct tooth crowding. Many things, including the initial loss of baby teeth, unusually shaped teeth, and a gap in the lip or palate, may result in overcrowded teeth. By continuously exerting mild pressure to aid optimal alignment, Invisalign may strive to correct these problems.

Overcrowded teeth may need further care, such as extracting any problematic teeth. By shifting every tooth up by 0.2mm for each new aligner, Invisalign may help straighten crowded teeth, giving you more space in the mouth once the teeth are correctly positioned.

When Using Invisalign, Are There Any Dietary Restrictions?

You can eat everything you want since you take the aligners out to eat.

What Are the Main Advantages of Using Invisalign?

Others might not know you are using Invisalign clear aligners since they are almost invisible. You may take them out to drink, eat, clean your teeth, and floss. There aren't any metal brackets or wires that might break or hurt your mouth.

Invisalign transparent aligners are created from unique SmartTrack material, which is more comfortable and offers a better fit than materials used by other manufacturers. For convenience and aesthetic purposes, Invisalign aligners are also cut to match your gum line.
We have effectively enhanced thousands of smiles, particularly those of adolescents, as the most cutting-edge clear aligner system available.

Can Invisalign Move the Molars?

Yes, molars can be moved via Invisalign. Even with conventional braces, molars may be difficult to move or align and are also a major source of discomfort.

Molars can be moved with Invisalign just like any other tooth, but the amount of time it takes to straighten or move them depends on how severely misaligned they are. It may take many trays to notice any movement in the molars.

Is Your Bite Correctable with Invisalign?

Invisalign and braces are often used to correct bite problems since they may result in discomfort while biting, damage to other teeth and gums, and an altered look.

Invisalign may thus improve your bite.

Do I Qualify for Invisalign Treatment?

Adults and teenagers seeking a practically undetectable way to straighten their teeth may find Invisalign treatment a terrific option.
Nearly all typical teeth-straightening and bite problems, from the most basic to the most complicated, may now be resolved thanks to technical developments, without interfering with your hectic schedule. Parents can be certain their child or teen is wearing their clear aligners sufficiently, owing to a little blue dot on the exterior of adolescent aligners.

If you are interested in learning more about Invisalign or would like to begin treatment, contact us at Madison Family Dental Associates at 608-274-5970 today.
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Adults and teenagers seeking a practically undetectable way to straighten their teeth may find Invisalign a terrific option. Call to book an appointment today!
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