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Dentistry for Kids Madison, WI

Preventative dentistry for kids is just as important as preventive dentistry for adults. We can argue that it may be more important for kids to adopt preventive dentistry habits as their diet and oral hygiene habits are lacking. As a parent, you should not overlook the possibility of getting your child their oral exams and cleaning done just because they are young and will have permanent teeth later on.

Children are more prone to getting dental cavities. Madison Family Dental Associates often places emphasis on preventative dentistry for kids and recommends bringing your child for their first dental appointment when their first tooth erupts between the ages of six months to one year.

Treatments in Dentistry for Kids

To give your child a long-lasting healthy smile, we have several treatment plans in place. When you walk in for your child's dental appointment, we make a full assessment of your child's oral cavity and note any issues or details that need to be taken care of.

Firstly there exists fluoride treatment. Fluoride treatments are often overlooked, but most parents do not realize its importance in maintaining the strength of teeth and preventing cavities. A fluoride treatment will be suggested to your child if they have slight damage to their teeth.

Then we have dental sealants. Much like fluoride treatment, the sealants are applied to the surface of the teeth. The sealants are a plastic-like covering which, when applied to the teeth, prevent cavities from forming as it acts as a barrier between food and teeth.

Additionally, for the complete removal of plaque and tartar, there are teeth cleanings procedures. We recommend getting teeth cleanings every six months. When plaque is not disturbed regularly by flossing and brushing, it becomes hard and can only be removed through professional cleaning. To prevent the plaque from worsening, overtime dental cleanings is advised.

Lastly, we have mouthguards and space maintainers. These are devices that are worn overnight or during gameplay. Mouthguards are used to prevent injury to teeth when playing and prevent kids from grinding their teeth.

Whereas, space maintainers are used to keep the cavity-free from intrusion into the adjacent teeth' empty socket. By availing space maintainers, you prevent the need for future braces to align the teeth back to their original position.

Learn more about the procedures for kids:

Importance of Dentistry for Kids

The mouth is the first place where signs of various diseases can be determined. Hence it is crucial to get regular oral examinations done. Proper growth and maintenance of teeth promotes better speech development. Preventive dentistry prevents the need for costly dental procedures in the future.

During regular dental visits, your child will not only receive assessments and treatments; you, too, will be educated about better oral hygiene habits and essential nutritional facts you should know about your young one. You will be asked to ensure your child brushes their teeth twice a day and flosses at least once per day. You will also be asked to reduce your child's intake of sugary and starchy food as they can lead to early cavities. To guarantee the best oral health for your child, book an appointment today by calling at 608-274-5970 or visit Madison Family Dental Associates.
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The mouth is the first place where signs of various diseases can be determined. To guarantee the best oral health for your child, book an appointment today!
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