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Dental Exams
Madison, WI

Woman smiling in dental chair after getting a dental exam at Madison Family Dental Associates in Madison, WIOral exams are a core part of preventive dentistry. Long-term preventive dentistry aims to improve and maintain your oral health. There are two primary principals of preventative dentistry, namely dental exams and dental cleanings. Madison Family Dental Associates believes adopting a regular habit of dental visits is the first step towards maintaining a healthy and pleasant looking smile.

Purpose of Dental Exams

Regular dental exam's objective is to evaluate the need for any dental treatments, cleanings, and risks of developing periodontal diseases such as cavities, gingivitis, and enamel loss. Our recommendation is to have dental cleanings at least once a year and adjust the frequency accordingly to your dental needs. On average most patients visit for a dental exam every six months.

Additionally, the oral cavity also acts as a gateway to identifying other health problems such as systemic lupus and diabetes. These exams will help prevent the need for complicated procedures in the future by tackling minor issues early-on.

What Happens During a Dental Exam?

During a dental exam, our dentist and our hygienist will make an overall assessment of your teeth and gums, evaluating the risks of developing and oral diseases. Besides examining the inside of your mouth, our dentist will also examine your jaw muscles' strength, tenderness and evaluate your bite.

X-ray imaging may be done to evaluate any more in-depth issues. During this examination, our dentist will also educate you on the importance of better hygiene and diet habits. Emphasis is placed on brushing and flossing regularly.

Additionally, our dentist will provide you with lifestyle habits you can adopt to increase your everyday ease. For example, individuals who have severe arthritis may be advised to use electric toothbrushes. Prior to all this, a background check will be taken in which you will be asked about any medications you are on and any dental procedure you may have had before.

Oral Exam for Cancer

Various areas of your oral cavity will be examined visually or palpated to identify signs of oral cancer. During this exam, we will take a thorough look at your tongue, roof of the mouth, sides of cheeks and neck, throat, and lips will be examined.

Use of X-rays in a Dental Exam

X-ray images serve as a diagnostic tool. They help us identify problems deep within your oral cavity and jawbone, which is not visible otherwise. Often this is neglected and causes complications in the future. However, you will not be exposed to x-ray radiation on every dental exam (x-ray emits low radiation, which is harmless).

Dental Exams for Bite Evaluation

During your oral exam, our dentist will examine your bite, a dental impression of your teeth and gums will be made, the impression is made for both upper and lower jaw. A jelly-like substance will be filled in that will sit over your teeth. Over time the substance will harden to leave an impression of your teeth and gums. Next, the silicon hardened impression is filled with cement-like filling and then evaluated. Prevention is better than cure. Hence we believe dental exams should be an integral part of your oral routine.

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Madison Family Dental Associates believes adopting a regular habit of dental exam visits is the first step towards maintaining a healthy and pleasant looking smile.
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