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Rendering of jaw with dental bridge at Madison Family Dental Associates in Madison, WISometimes dentists have to remove a decaying tooth completely. In such instances, we recommend our clients get a dental bridge. The procedure literally bridges the gap between your teeth to complete your smile. We place a false tooth in the gap. This false tooth is supported by abutment teeth on either side. Dental bridges have aesthetic as well as technical advantages. If you are thinking of getting one, we at Madison Family Dental Associates are here to guide you.

Types of Dental Bridges

Traditional, cantilever, Maryland, and implant-supported are the four types of dental bridges. We recommend traditional bridges for those clients who have a bridge between two natural teeth. The crown on both the teeth support the false teeth in place. The cantilever dental bridge is similar to the traditional type. The only difference is the placement of the crown on one abutment bridge, which acts as the support.

The Maryland dental bridge is similar to the traditional bridge which has support on either side. However, the former utilizes the support of metal or porcelain frameworks on the backs of the supporting teeth. Implant-supported bridges make use of dental implants instead of crowns for support. The implants are added to the missing tooth surgically.

Procedure of Getting Dental Bridge

During your first visit, we prepare for an abutment tooth. The preparation usually files the top part of your tooth to make space for the crown. Next, we send the impressions of the pontic, bridge, and crowns to the dental lab. Meanwhile, we place a temporary bridge to protect your exposed gums. In the upcoming visits, we place the new bridge and check its fitting. In certain cases, we recommend more than one visit to keep the fitting and bite in check.

Advantages of Dental Bridges

There are several advantages to getting a dental bridge. Firstly, dental bridges are light, small, and easy to chew with. Biting food becomes more efficient with a dental bridge as a missing tooth makes the process difficult.

Secondly, facial structures improve as the surrounding teeth are kept in place due to the bridge. Thirdly, pronunciation and clarity of language improve. In the long term, the structural maintenance of the mouth area proves to be important as the gap in the gums can cause the teeth to shift from its position. By adding a dental bridge, we reduce the chances of a reduction in the bone structure.

Life of Dental Bridges

Dental bridges can last for several years if properly maintained. Maintenance includes regular checkups and good oral hygiene. Many of our clients follow the aforementioned recommendations and have the same dental bridge for over seven years.

Caring for a Dental Bridge

We suggest our clients keep their oral hygiene top-notch as the health of the surrounding teeth determine the success of a dental bridge. Furthermore, the consumption of soft foods is suggested in the first days of the bridge. A regular cleaning schedule helps to prevent future dental problems and better treatment prognosis.

If you wish to fill the gap due to a missing tooth or teeth, getting a dental bridge is the best solution. To learn more about how you can get a bridge, call Madison Family Dental Associates at 608-274-5970 and book your appointment today.
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If you are thinking of getting a dental bridge, we at Madison Family Dental Associates are here to guide you. Give us a call today to schedule a consultation!
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